Have a seat.

Making something out of nothing

I love love LOVE the phrase 'making something out of nothing'.  It can describe so many situations we find ourselves in these days.  Doing more with less space, time, money...  

I have always been fascinated by environments... the spaces we inhabit, relax in, love in, create in.  I was the kid who made houses for her Barbie dolls out of shoeboxes and always wanted to rearrange her room.  It continued in college with dorms and the off-campus apartment my friends and I moved into junior year.  I have been teaching myself how to see potential in blank spaces my entire life.  Whether it is helping a couple combine their belongings or roommates creating their first home in the city while sharing a one bedroom - what has the potential to overwhelm others makes me weirdly, annoyingly happy.

And that's my story...or part of it anyway.  If you live in the New York City area and need hands-on help with designing your small space apartment, or help purging before a move, or just organizing what you already have - please get in touch.  Even if you live elsewhere, you might be surprised by what we can accomplish together.

Wishing you all a Home Sweet Home.  

xo, Amelia